3 HR Predictions for 2015 that are Coming True

July 3, 2015

3 HR Predictions for 2015 that are Coming True

Earlier this year, New Chapter made a number of interesting predictions as to what they thought the biggest HR trends of 2015 would be.

Now, six months on, here are three of the predictions that we think are really developing – and that we think will continue to develop at a rapid rate over the next few years.

1. Flexible Working will Become ‘The Norm’

That’s right, New Chapter stated – off the back of research they conducted in 2014 – that 2015 would be a huge year for flexible working. They said that not only are home workers generally more productive, but they’re often happier in their job roles and more engaged with their work. As such, they predicted that flexible working would begin to shift from a luxury, to being more mainstream.

As 2015 has progressed, we have seen a growing number of businesses really starting to take advantage of flexible working arrangements – and we think it’s thanks to the way technology is evolving to allow remote collaboration at the touch of a button or the tap of a screen.

Do you think flexible working is becoming the norm, or is it still largely a luxury afforded to a low percentage of workers?

2. Employee Engagement will Become Even More Critical

I’d like to think that we passed the stage of seeing employees as nothing more than ‘human capital’ a long time ago – but have we truly moved into an age whereby the majority of companies understand the huge benefits of an engaged workforce?

There’s no arguing that companies who engage their employees perform better than those that don’t. And to us, it seems that more companies than ever are beginning to realise this and take action – just like New Chapter predicted.

As more companies recognise the importance of employee engagement, then the benchmark of staying competitive continues to get higher – hence the shift from engagement being a ‘nice to have’, to being a ‘need to have’.

Do you think companies actually need to engage their workforce now, or do you think employee engagement is still just a non-critical ‘nice to have’?

3.Employer Brands and Corporate Brands will Align

Over the years, we’ve seen a growing awareness of the need for a compelling ‘employer brand’. But even today, there is often a huge distinction between a company’s ‘employer brand’ – i.e. the way they are seen by workers – and their ‘corporate brand’ – i.e. the way they are seen by customers.

According to the predictions from New Chapter though, 2015 was set to be a year whereby these two different types of branding began to merge for many companies – in fact, their predictions state that as 2015 progresses, HR will begin to work more closely with the marketing departments and other strategic teams.

We’ve seen it within our own company, and in fact, we regularly use the way we work with our own staff as part of our corporate marketing.

Is this something you’ve considered for your business, and if so, has it helped you to grow?

What Else Has Changed in 2015?

The world of HR is shifting at a pretty fast pace these days, and we’d love to hear what’s changed the most for you so far this year – let us know in the comments below.

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