Three Signs that Mean Your Business is Growing

July 10, 2015

Three Signs that Mean Your Business is Growing

We all like to be a part of something successful – and so, whether it is your own company or simply the company where you work, here are three possible signs of business growth you can spot from the HR office, without ever needing to look at your company’s end-of-year reports or statements.

1. More people are asking for jobs even when you aren’t hiring. If you notice that even more people than ever before are phoning, emailing or even visiting you to ask if you’re hiring (without finding you through a job site or classified listing etc), then this could be a sign that your company is starting to get noticed and recognised by more people and for the right reasons.

2.You’re organising even more recruitment drives. If Head Office is sending you an increasing number of requests for new recruits, then it probably means that the company is generating – or preparing to generate – a ton of new business.

3. You’re just… well… busier! It’s not always easy to put a finger on why you’re suddenly busier… only that you are! But this is a good thing – and it could mean your company is growing. Don’t worry too much about things getting busier though – all of the extra holiday requests, sick logs and new starter records you’re suddenly processing mean that you can probably get away with asking for a new colleague or assistant to help you out. Or even get your financial director to finally sign off on that modern HR system you’ve always dreamed of!

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