Five Things to Remember if You Use CCTV at Work

July 14, 2015

Five Things to Remember if You Use CCTV at Work

There’s nothing wrong with installing a CCTV system at your place of work – but before you do, you might want to brush up on the relevant legislations, as doing it wrong might just be a breach of the Data Protection Act.

You can find plenty of information about using CCTV at work on ICO’s website, but for a quick breakdown, here’s our Top Five list of things to remember when considering CCTV at work in the UK:

1. You Must Notify the Information Commissioner’s Office

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the organisation in charge of protecting and safeguarding information in the interest of the public. Before you install CCTV at work, you must inform them of what you’re doing and why.

2. You Must Tell People They’re Being Recorded

If you don’t inform your staff that they may be recorded at work, then you could be breaking the law. Normally, some clearly visible signs explaining that CCTV is in operation will do the trick, but there’s no harm in sending out a proactive memo – especially if the CCTV has been newly installed.

3. You Must Only Monitor CCTV for the Purpose Originally Intended

When you first setup your CCTV system, you will be required to state the purpose it is intended for – and you must only use it for this purpose. For example, if you’ve setup your CCTV system with the intention of preventing crime at your workplace, then it could be an offense to monitor the footage to find out whether or not your staff are doing their work properly!

4. People Have the Right to See Footage of Themselves

Anybody who has been recorded may request to see any photographic images or video footage you have stored with them in. You don’t have to satisfy these demands instantly, though – you have up to 40 days to comply, and you may charge up to £10 to cover any administration costs incurred.

5. Data Protection Rules Don’t Apply at Your Own Home

If you have setup a CCTV system at your own private property in order to prevent burglary, then the data protection rules mentioned above don’t apply – so if you work from home, then you’ll probably have less of a headache installing CCTV.

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