People™ Product Tip: The Differences Between ‘Re-Route Authorisations To’, and ‘Additional Reports To’

July 20, 2015

People™ Product Tip

This week, we’re looking at a fairly specific area of the system – the difference between two very similar yet unique options that can be set by administrators: ‘Re-route Authorisations To’, and ‘Additional Reports To’.

Let’s look at what each of these options actually does, so that we can explore the differences and how you can benefit from each:

Re-route Authorisations To

You can find this option in any employee’s record, by going to their planner and hitting the blue ‘Settings’ button.

‘Re-route Authorisations To’ is a very handy setting that lets you redirect an employee’s holiday requests and other leave requests to any other person you specify within your company. This is particularly handy if somebody’s direct manager is going to be absent for some time, and you’d like another person to handle authorisations on the absent manager’s behalf.

Additional Reports To

Additional Reports To

Again, this option is found within any employee’s record within the Settings.

Instead of temporarily redirecting leave requests and authorisations, however, it simply allows you to add multiple line managers that have authority or responsibility over the same person. For example, if you add an extra name using the Additional Reports To drop-down to an employee’s record, then both this newly-added person and the default line manager will have access to the employee’s record, and will be able to authorise leave requests and add sicknesses and absences. You can add as many ‘Additional Reports To’ as you like.

This functionality is ideal for when you want more than one person to take joint responsibility for a team.
Re-route Authorisations To

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