Modern Software in the Spotlight: Phleet

July 21, 2015

Modern Software in the Spotlight: Phleet

Here at People™, there’s one thing we all love seeing: Modern software that does really cool stuff. When I say ‘does cool stuff’, I don’t necessarily mean something totally record-breaking and unbelievable – it doesn’t have to be software that can propel us into space, for example. It just has to be modern in its design, serve a pretty unique purpose, and be good at what it does.

So today I want to shine a bit of a spotlight on Phleet – a really cool system that’s built for companies who manage large and often complex networks of vehicle fleets.

About Phleet

Phleet is a fleet management system that gives your company real-time visibility and control over your network of vehicles, no matter where in the world they are. The software is designed for any organisation that uses a fleet of vehicles – such as a courier service or taxi company – and lets you easily see where all of your drivers are at any given time.

Phleet has a lot of cool features and does a lot of impressive stuff. Here’s some of the stuff we really like about their software:

–  Real-Time Tracking. Every minute, a text message is sent from each vehicle to the main Phleet database, updating whoever is monitoring the fleet with each vehicle’s precise location and status. This is also reflected on the real-time map showing vehicle locations.

Automated Maintenance Alerts. This is a really cool feature, and essentially sends you an alert whenever any of your vehicles’ parts are nearly ready for servicing. This pre-emptive method of automatic alerting is called Preventive Maintenance, and helps you make sure your vehicles are in good shape at all times, to avoid costly repair bills.

–  Dashboard & Reporting. Everything is controlled from a really modern-looking user dashboard, which gives you a visual map with the position of your vehicles, and lets you tweak settings and generate cool reports about your fleet.

So if your company has a vehicle fleet and you think you might benefit from better visibility and real-time status reporting, then take a look at Phleet’s website for more information about their really cool software.

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