How to Inspire Creativity: Work from a Pirate Ship

July 22, 2015

Work from a Pirate Ship

Our team is always interested in finding creative places to work from, because we believe that breaking the traditional mould helps to inspire creativity and produce incredible things. So you can imagine how delighted I was to stumble across one of the most unconventional office designs I have ever seen in my life: Inventionland’s HQ.

Inventionland is a product design company of sorts, and they help people and organisations turn their ideas into products that go on to be manufactured and sold.

Take a quick look at Inventionland’s website here. Go on, I’ll wait here until you come back.


Now, if your first impression is anything like mine, then you’ll have first thought that it was advertising some sort of family attraction or theme park. But believe it or not, the pictures you can see are actually pictures from inside their headquarters – yes, seriously, that’s what it looks like inside their main offices!

Treehouses, Pirate Ships & Cupcake Kitchens

According to the company’s website, their headquarters are home to 16 unique, themed workspaces, including treehouses, pirate ships and giant racetracks.

Sound crazy? Sure it does. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll learn that each themed workspace is designed for a different type of product development, and that so far, the company has helped to invent, build and launch more than 1,200 products for sale both online and in physical retail outlets.

Maybe that’s just a standard achievement for a company built around the concept of inventing things – but if you asked me today who I’d look to for help building my super-secret Egg Cracker 3000, then I’d definitely pick Inventionland, if for nothing more than a chance to step inside that sweet office of theirs.

Could Your Workspace Use a Bit of ‘Arrrr!’?

Maybe building a pirate ship in your main reception is a step too far, and maybe relocating half of your workforce into a giant shoe is just silly. But if you’re really passionate about inspiring creativity, then maybe it’s time you did a little bit of interior designing and introduced something that’s a bit less conventional than the standard 4-walls and black chairs.

What’s the most creative workspace you’ve ever seen? Can you top Inventionland? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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