Product Tips: How to Use ‘Less Than’ and ‘Greater Than’ in the Query Builder

July 27, 2015

How to Use ‘Less Than’ and ‘Greater Than’ in the Query Builder

When you create custom queries using the Filters and Options tab, you’ll notice you have a few different options to choose from for each filter. Two of these options are: Less Than; and Greater Than. So what can you use these two options for?

Well as you might expect, you can use it for pulling any value that is either ‘less than’ or ‘greater than’ another value – for example, you might want to pull data from between two specific dates.

Let’s explore how to use these filter options by walking through a quick example – I’m going to use the example of trying to find out all Assignments submitted by employees for a specific date range.

1. Hit ‘Queries’ (left hand side)
2. Hit the ‘+’ icon to create a new query
3. In the first column, select the ‘Assignment’ option
4. In the remaining three columns (right hand side), select the data you’d like your report to show (default is First Name, Last Name and Employee ID).

Assignment Date’

5. Hit ‘Next’, and then select the option ‘Assignment Date’, choosing your filters as ‘Greater Than’ and ‘Less Than’, and set your values (note: it will not include the day you have selected – choose the day before/after you wish to generate data for).

Name and Description

6. Hit ‘Next’ to give your query a Name and Description

Generate the report!

7. Hit ‘Next’ to generate the report!

And remember, you can save all of this to your queries list in case you want to run the report again in future.

Query Builder

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