Three Reasons to Use Facebook for Spotting Talent

August 12, 2015

Three Reasons to Use Facebook for Spotting Talent

Despite LinkedIn being the social network of choice for most employers (due to its career-focused nature), you shouldn’t be too hasty in shunning Facebook as a potential candidate pool. Here are three great reasons why you might want to recruit via Facebook (if you’re not already doing it).

1. Only 26% of Employers are Recruiting Via Facebook

That’s right – according to this article on, only a quarter of employers are using Facebook as a recruitment tool (26%)! The same article also says around 79% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent – meaning if you’re recruiting via LinkedIn, you’re up against triple the competition of recruiting via Facebook. I’m not suggesting you quit your talent spotting on LinkedIn, but it’s definitely worth tapping into the potential Facebook talent that your competition is missing out on.

2. You Might Find Something Unique You Like About a Candidate

Some people are reluctant to share certain information about themselves on job applications because they worry it might harm their chances – but sometimes, it’s these ‘quirks’ that make potential employees even more appealing! Of course, it can work the other way around too (in fact, this infographic states that out of the 55% of employers reconsidering an applicant based on something they found on their social media profiles, 61% found things they didn’t like).

3. More Job Seekers are Active on Facebook

According to this list of facts, only 36% of jobseekers are active on LinkedIn… whereas a whopping 83% of jobseekers are active on Facebook! Now, I’m no mathematical genius, but I’m pretty sure that means you have a much bigger potential talent pool on Facebook, right?

I’m Not Saying to Quit LinkedIn…

LinkedIn, in my opinion, still provides better tools for searching and filtering people based on their career-related qualities – but what I’m trying to say, is just because LinkedIn is designed for more career-related activities, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spread your search elsewhere, too. Give it a try and let us know what happens!

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