5 Ambitious Ideas to Help Get Your HR Skills Noticed

August 18, 2015

Get Your HR Skills Noticed

Are you an ambitious HR professional? Do you want to make sure your skills stand out and get noticed by other professionals and organisations? Do you want to expand your network and build your reputation in the HR community? Then this article is for you.

We’ve compiled a short list of ambitious ideas, goals and tips for HR professionals, each designed to help you grow your career and stand out within your professional network – some of them are easier than others, so we’ll start off nice and gentle!

1. Create or Join a Group/Forum

Too many people underestimate the value of simply getting involved with other professionals in their industry. You shouldn’t underestimate it – joining a group, forum, or professional network, is a really good way to start building your reputation as an outstanding HR professional, and a great way to meet new contacts and connections.

Try searching for relevant groups on LinkedIn, or find a forum you feel comfortable with, and then start giving your input to the various conversations that are taking place. Where possible, use your HR expertise to answer other people’s questions and issues, and prove that you really know your stuff!

If you’re feeling super ambitious, or if you have a very specific subject area you’d like to discuss with others, you could even create your own group on LinkedIn – it might take a while to grow, but if you keep working at it, you’ll get good results.

2. Start Your Own HR Blog

Whether you’re an experienced HR veteran with 30+ years of career history under your belt, or whether you’re fresh out of University and brimming with newly-learned knowledge and concepts, one thing is always going to be true: There are some things you know about HR that other people don’t. So start sharing it!

By starting your own blog, you can dictate the pace at which you publish content, and you can choose the topics you feel most comfortable writing about.

As more people start to learn from the content you’re publishing, you will begin to earn a reputation amongst your professional network as somebody who is knowledgeable and worth paying attention to.

3. Get 15 LinkedIn Recommendations

This is a great goal to work towards. It might take you a while to achieve it, but once you do, not only will other people see how great you are, but you’ll also be reminded yourself whenever you login to LinkedIn – this really helps on down days when you’re not feeling your most confident.

Start now by thinking about all the people you have worked with in your capacity as an HR professional. If you’re fairly new to the industry, you can even include people like your old lecturers from University. Write a list, and contact each person with a personal message, asking if they’ll help you out by writing a few words summarising their experience with you in terms of your skills in HR.

4. Conduct a Workshop, Webinar or Speech on Your Specialty

If you can find an event that is related to human resources, then try to bag yourself a spot as a guest speaker, or even offer to run a workshop on whatever your specialist area is.

If you do well, chances are you’ll get more invites from other people to repeat this in future, and it’s a great way to show off your skills to a potentially huge audience.

5. Write & Publish an HR Book

If you have a special area of HR where your knowledge is really fine-tuned, you could even consider writing and publishing a book.

You could do this by reaching out to publishers to gather their interest , or even go down the route of self-publication – Amazon, for example, has a great platform for self-publishing books, and once you’ve done it, you’ll have a really special way of demonstrating your knowledge, that you can share with people for years to come.

How do You Get Noticed?

Do you have any other ideas that have worked for you when it comes to getting your HR skills noticed by others? Share them with our audience by leaving a quick comment below.

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