People™ Product Tips: How to Automate Holiday Accrual

August 24, 2015

How to Automate Holiday Accrual

Do you have any zero hour contract employees who accrue their holiday entitlement on an hourly basis? If so, then you don’t actually need to work out their entitlement manually – you can get People HR to do it for you!

Here’s how to make People HR automatically sort out your employees’ holiday accrual calculation:

1. Hit ‘Settings’ – ‘Holidays and Absence’
2. Enter the Holiday Entitlement % (by default, this is set to 12.07% – but you can change this if you like)

Now that the system knows the precise calculation to use, you need to tell it which employees this applies to. To do this, simply open up an employee’s record, go to their Planner, and hit ‘Settings’. Then, change their holidays to be measured in Hours, and select the Accrue Entitlement option.

How to Backdate for Hours Already Worked

If your employees already have hours under their belt that you’d like the system to calculate holiday accruals for, then here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to ‘Bulk Actions’

2. Select the employee

3. Enter their Hours Worked

Doing this will automatically update their entitlement. Simple!

To see all of this in action – both setting the entitlement, and backdating the calculations – you can watch the two quick videos below:


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