People Storiesy: BPA Quality

August 26, 2015

Case Study: BPA Quality

BPA Quality is a business all about customer satisfaction. From Mystery Shopping to Customer Contact Quality Monitoring, they take a scientific approach to helping organisations make sure their end users are 100% satisfied.

Recently, we caught up with their HR Advisor, Davinia Shaw, to find out just how satisfied they were with People HR – here’s what we asked, followed by Davinia’s answers.

What do your employees think of your new HR system?

“Our employees have found applying for holidays easier, and they are able to get authorisations through quicker. We have also reduced our paperwork by sending employees letters via People.”

Would you say that People has helped to improve relationships between staff?

“Yes – the newsfeed has improved communication, and it allows homeworkers to be kept up to date with events and information more effectively.”

Has People helped you to learn anything new about your workforce?

“Well, Team Leaders certainly have more visibility over their team’s information – for example, the great range of languages that they speak and work in, and their skills and qualifications.”

How about absence and attendance – has People helped you in that respect, at all?

“Having a clear view of the heat map and being able to report on absence means that we are able to monitor this more effectively, and find hidden trends.”

Finally, let’s talk about FUN. At People, we love having fun at work – has your new HR system helped you to have more fun?

“We are lucky to have a bilingual workforce, and we work in up to 45 different languages. People has helped us to share events and promote activities, which has proved very popular and we have had great feedback from our employees.

Thanks, Davinia!

For more information about BPA Quality and the kind of customer satisfaction services they offer, visit their website here.



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