Prepare for Our New, Travel-Themed Blog Series: “Work From Anywhere”

September 1, 2015

Work From Anywhere

It’s time to bag up your laptop and pack your suitcase – Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay at home!

At People™, we are passionate about helping people spread their wings and break free of their desks, cubicles and home-made offices. So, over the last few weeks, we’ve been collecting holiday reports from people who’ve been away, in an attempt to find the best places to work away from home.

We’ve reviewed locations all over the world, in terms of how good they might be for somebody looking to go away for a short break, while taking their work with them. From thriving exotic capitals, to muddy farm-strewn villages, our reviews investigate every kind of destination imaginable, taking into account factors such as:

– How easy is it to find an Internet connection?

– How expensive is the food and accommodation?

– Is there enough to see and do, without distracting me from getting some work done?

We’ve built up quite a collection of reviews, and we’ll be publishing them regularly over the coming months, in postcard format, to give you a bit of inspiration for the next time you’re feeling boxed in.

Look out for the Work From Anywhere postcards on our blog – arriving very soon!

Do You Have a Review You’d Like to Share?

We already have a stash of location reviews lined up, but if you’d like to share yours, then let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be in touch!

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