People™ Product Tip: Create a Calendar Feed for Outlook, Google & iCal

September 7, 2015

Create a Calendar Feed

Want to see your team’s holidays and sicknesses from within your email calendar? Well, you can. Within People, you can set up a Calendar Feed – this links your company planner with your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or iCal.

To do this, simply login to People, hit ‘Planner’ (left hand side), and then hit the Calendar Feed Button.

Calendar Feed Button

You should now see an option called ‘Get URL’. Selecting this will generate a unique Calendar Feed URL.

generate a unique Calendar Feed URL

Next, just copy this link, and add it to your chosen mail calendar (I’ll explain how to do this below).

just Copy link and add it to your chosen mail calendar

How to Add Your Link to Different Mail Calendars

1. Google Calendar: Look to the left hand side of the screen, and find “Other Calendars”. Select the drop down arrow next to it, and choose the ‘Add By URL’ option. Paste your link! (Google Calendars refresh every 24 hours)

2. iCal (MAC): Go to File, New Calendar Subscription, paste your link, and set how often you’d like it to refresh.

3. Outlook: (this may vary slightly depending on your version of Outlook) Select File, Data File Management, then hit the Internet Calendars tab. Next, click New, and then paste your link – the feed will sync whenever your mailbox refreshes, plus you can force it to sync on-demand by hitting Send/Receive.

You’re done! Any new holidays (or absences if applicable) will automatically populate in your chosen calendar, allowing you to keep a track of your team or team members without having to login into People every time.

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