5 Easy Ideas to Make Your Employees Love Working for You

September 17, 2015

Make Your Employees Love Working for You

Company culture is important – but how do you create it?

Here are 5 really easy ideas that will help you turn your business into a place people love working for. The ideas are courtesy of Ben, from Upstart HR.

1. Make A Trophy

Award a trophy to one of your employees on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. This creates a sense of achievement, and gives your staff something to aim for. It doesn’t matter what it looks like – it’s the joy of winning it that makes the magic – so if you don’t have a spare trophy to hand, why not make one yourself? Get creative and use the resources you have in the office – stick an artistically-twisted paperclip to a piece of old cardboard if you need to!

2. Start a Peer Recognition Bulletin Board

Give your employees a way to publicly congratulate each other whenever they notice hard work. There are plenty of ways to do this – for example, you could put a cork board up on the office wall, and let employees pin their own handwritten recognition slips to it whenever they like. Reset it periodically. (Or, if you are one of our customers, you could explore our Thanks functionality.)

3. Have a 30-Minute Chat with Every New Starter

If possible, have a senior manager (or even the owner of the company) engage each new starter with a personal welcome and a 30-minute chat on their first day. This will help each person joining your company to feel more valued, and will give them chance to ask about things like the company’s structure and history.

4. Arrange a Meeting About Your Employees (Not Your Company!)

Hold a meeting that’s all about your employees, and make sure that anything work-related is banned for the entire duration. This could be as simple as having a 30-minute team meeting every Monday to talk about what people have done over the weekend, or as grand as booking out your town hall and writing a 3-minute speech about the personal qualities of each person present!

5. Conduct a Simple Entrance Interview

This suggestion is super easy, and you should implement it right now. At the end of each new starter’s first day, you should ask two questions:

– How was your first day?

– What could we do to make the experience better for future employees?

This will show them that you actually care about making your staff happier – you might get some useful feedback, too!

Please Give More Suggestions – Leave a Comment Below!

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