Teaching Your Brain to Remember Important Things – Tuesday’s Discovery Workshop

October 6, 2015

Remember Important Things

It’s quite possible that Human Resources professionals have the most information to remember and keep track of than anybody else in the company. Not only are you responsible for holiday dates and absences, but you need to keep on top of things like right to work information, company assets (like cars), and appraisal dates.

Today, we’ll be exploring tips and techniques for helping you to remember important things. I’ll start things off by posting three of my favourite tips from this article on Psychology Today – but I’d love it if you could post your own in the comments at the bottom.

1. Use Your Visual Memory

So, you’ve just been told that 5 staff need a back to work interview this afternoon, but you’ve been caught short without a pen and paper? No problem – maybe you knew this already, but memory is predominantly visual, and you can easily remember lists of important things in the short-term by creating a visual story in your head.

For example, you could imagine you’re at a party. On the way in, you’re introduced to Joe Bloggs, who offers you a drink. Suddenly, Michelle Bloggs bumps into you and spills your drink – but not to worry, her sister, Melanie Bloggs, offers you another. Do you get the picture (literally)?

Doing this should help you remember the names long enough to put them into your diary at least!

2. Write Things Down!

Sure, mental memory can be really good – but it’s not half effective as writing them down and going over them again and again. Of course, this is most effective for remembering things that are going to be further away in the future, or repeated often.

Writing things down helps in more ways than just remembering the things on the paper – it can be a replacement for your memory altogether (as long as you remember where the paper is kept)!

3. Get Enough Sleep

Our brain makes sense of the day during the night, when we are far away in the Land Of Nod.

According to Psychology Today, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re far less likely to remember important dates or information that you’re trying to retain.

How much sleep are you getting?

How to Setup Automatic Reminders in People HR

Of course, if you use our HR software, then you have the option to receive weekly recap emails to remind you and your staff of the key actions that require attention.

To switch these on, just head into Settings, then Company, and hit the On switch.

Automatic Reminders

If you’d like to see the kind of reminders different staff levels get, you can visit these links:

Administrator: http://support.peoplehr.com/customer/portal/articles/1984407

Manager: http://support.peoplehr.com/customer/portal/articles/1977191

Employee: http://support.peoplehr.com/customer/portal/articles/1955783

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