5 Signs of a Bright HR Professional

October 19, 2015

5 Signs of a Bright HR Professional

Want to know how to spot a really bright HR professional? Here are five qualities that we think any bright HR professional should exhibit (listed in no specific order, as they are all important for different reasons):

1. Knowledge

A bright HR professional should be knowledgeable in many diverse areas – not just HR processes and employment law (although these certainly help!). Good examples of what a bright HR professional should seek to learn, are:

– The company’s goals and objectives

– Names, passions and interests of the people within the workforce

– Corporate strategy, and what a business needs to succeed

2. Innovation

A bright HR professional is not afraid of thinking on his or her feet – they will be able to design creative solutions to complex problems, without the use of a policy sheet or handbook!

3. Communication

Bright HR professionals should be great communicators, in both one-on-one and group scenarios alike. Whether it’s conducting a back to work interview, or presenting a fantastic new idea to the board of directors, a bright HR professional is a good listener, and can deliver relevant information in a way that is understood by all.

4. Trustworthy

The HR department has to deal with a lot of employee issues, such as falling outs with staff. Bright HR professionals will be trustworthy, respectful and objective in all areas.

5. Self-Discipline

With so much to deal with, HR professionals can easily collapse under the strain of a heavy workload. Bright HR professionals have ways to deal with this, and have great time management and self-discipline skills:

– Planners and organisers to stay on top of workload

– Punctual, arriving on-time to shifts, meetings and appointments

– Remain calm and collected even during conflict and chaos

What Other Skills Do You Think a Bright HR Professional Has?

Let us know by leaving a comment!

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