How Many Predictions did ‘Back to the Future II’ Get Right?

October 21, 2015

Back to the Future day

Today, it’s Back to the Future Day. Why? Because today’s date is the date Doc Brown and Marty McFly time-travelled to in the popular 80s movie Back to the Future 2.

Let’s take a look at some of the ideas the film producers had about what 2015 might look like, to find out what came true, and what is still pie in the sky:

A Few Correct Predictions from Back to the Future 2

Fingerprint Recognition Technology. In the movie, we see them using fingerprint recognition technology to open doors, instead of using keys. OK, so we haven’t ditched the trusty old door locks yet, but we’re certainly unlocking things like mobile phones using our fingerprints. And in the workplace, fingerprint technology is now becoming a very popular way of recording shift clock-in and clock-out times for employees.

Wearable Technology. Do you remember seeing Marty’s future children watching TV with their glasses at the dinner table? Again, the film producers got this spot on – we’re seeing technology like Google Glass and the Apple Watch get more and more popular, and even though we might not quite be at the stage yet where everybody is using wearable technology at the dinner table, the technology is most certainly there.
Video Calling. Marty makes a video call in the movie – and these days, anybody can make a video call using easily accessible technology like Skype, and numerous applications for smartphones.

What other predictions did the movie get right? Tell us your own memories in the comments below.

A Few Things the Movie Got Wrong

Unfortunately, there were some ideas in the film that are still a long way off for us, even though we’ve reached the date Marty and Doc travelled to.

Hoverboards. Oh how I wish this one had become reality! We’ve got Segways, and even hands-free Segway-like travel boards, but we still can’t zip around without touching ground.

Dehydrated Food. Nope, we still can’t turn a tiny pizza into a huge one at the touch of a button.

Flying Cars. If you’re putting off your road test until flying cars become a ‘thing’, you might still be waiting a while.

One thing we wonder, is if HR professionals from the 1980s would have imagined a world where spreadsheets and paper forms had been replaced by fast, modern technology, that let you complete almost any HR function at the touch of a button..?

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