3 Reasons to Hire an Employee Who Stutters

October 22, 2015

Hire an Employee Who Stutters

Today, it is International Stuttering Awareness Day. So I thought it would be appropriate to share a bit of information to help raise awareness of stuttering (also known as stammering), from an employment point of view.

Some employers are reluctant to hire employees who stutter, as they believe it may have a negative impact on their work. So to begin with, I want to weigh in on this by sharing 3 reasons why employees who have a stutter or stammer can make a fantastic addition to your workforce:

1. Employees Who Stutter Work Harder

After conducting a study in 2006, speech experts claimed that employees who suffer with stuttering or stammering tend to work even harder than those who don’t. This is partly because some sufferers feel the need to compensate for their speech issues, but also because they are so accustomed to putting in hard work and dedication to communicating fluently, that they naturally become perfectionists in other areas.

2. Employees Who Stutter Have Excellent Listening Skills

Listening skills are super important, and many people with stutters or stammers will have fine-tuned the art of listening. This means they are more likely to understand instructions and briefs straight away, and they may find it easier to develop sincere relationships with colleagues and clients (everybody likes a good listener).

3. It Can Promote Better Communication in the Workplace

Working with a person who stutters sometimes requires a slightly different approach to communication – active listening is really important, for example, and sometimes you need a little extra patience. This can really help open a person’s eyes, and remind them that not everybody communicates in exactly the same way. Your other employees are likely to learn new ways to communicate, and will most likely develop a greater awareness of communication issues in general, which leads to a more adaptable, versatile workforce overall.

Common Misconceptions About People Who Stutter

I’d like to leave you with a few interesting facts that may bust some of your misconceptions about people who stutter.

– People with stutters can perform really well in a huge range of job roles, from sales and customer service to air traffic control

– Stuttering has zero reflection of a person’s intelligence – they know what they want to say, but sometimes have difficulty getting it out

– Stammering is not caused by nervousness or uncertainty – however, somebody who has a stutter may be more nervous when speaking because they are aware of their stutter and it bothers them

To learn more about stuttering, to find out ways you can help, or to get support if you suffer yourself, you can visit http://www.stammering.org/.

Why not support the British Stammering Association in during International Stuttering Awareness Day today, by tweeting and following @stammer?

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