Five Safety Tips for Bonfire Night

November 5, 2015

Five Safety Tips for Bonfire Night

Tonight, many of us will be leaving work in a hurry to get started on our traditional 5th November bonfire. But although bonfires can be fun, they can also be dangerous. So here are five useful bonfire safety tips to help you stay safe if you decide to celebrate the occasion.

  1. Keep an 18m (60ft) distance between the fire and anything that could catch fire, such as trees, your house or your garden shed
  2. Avoid using flammable liquids (like paraffin or petrol) to get the fire started
  3. Dispose of used fireworks responsibly – this means waiting until you are sure they are out, and never throwing them into the fire
  4. Do not smoke near fireworks (you don’t want to accidentally set them off, and besides, you really should quit!)
  5. Nominate somebody who is not drinking alcohol to light the fireworks – consider it like the designated driver, only the designated firework lighter

What other tips should we have included?

For more bonfire safety advice, you can check the government’s webpage on the topic here.

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