HR and Business Growth: Keeping Your Values Alive

November 16, 2015

Keeping Your Values Alive

Our last article on HR and business growth was all about knowing where your company is heading and anticipating its challenges.

Today, we’re touching on the next step – knowing your company’s values, and setting up strategies to embed these across your growing workforce.

Keeping That ‘Family’ Feel

Most start-ups and small businesses find it fairly easy to stick to their early company values, because they still have that very close-working relationship that gives them almost a ‘family’ feel. But as the company grows, keeping those values engrained in the company’s culture can become more difficult, and some companies find that they lose their sense of direction the bigger they become.

This is a big issue for many SMEs, and it is something that you can help with in HR.

How HR Helps Keep Company Values Strong

You have a big role to play in preserving your company’s values and ideologies.

You have the power to embed your company’s values into all aspects of people management, and you should!

If you’re not sure where to start, you can try asking yourself a few questions, such as:

–  Do your people actually know what your company’s values are? If they don’t, then maybe it’s time you educated them – starting with the moment they walk through the door! Add them into your company’s handbook. Take everybody on a grand outing themed around the values your company holds dear. Encourage members of your leadership team to work by example and demonstrate these values. Either way, you can’t expect to help your company grow according to its values if your people don’t know what those values are.

Do Your People Understand Their Role in the Bigger Picture? If your people see their jobs in a ‘here and now’ sort of way, they likely will not have any interest in learning and practicing your company’s values. Help them see how important and relevant they are to the company’s longer-term goals!

Do you have a way to reward people who strive to keep these values? If your company values innovation, for example, but your people have no real reason to experiment and think of new things, then you’re going to have a hard time encouraging them to practice this. In fact, in many organisations, people actively avoid ‘innovating’ because they are worried that they might do something wrong and be punished as a result!

This is not a definitive list. But the important thing is that you should be aware of what your company’s values are, and you should be striving to embed these within all aspects of people management – doing this will ensure that your company grows in a way that it was originally intended to, and you will become a big part of that.

How else can you help keep your company’s values strong as your workforce expands?

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