How to Build an Interactive HR Task List

November 24, 2015

HR Task List

The task list of any HR manager is a complex little gem, stuffed with all sorts of odd scribbles that only the HR manager is likely to understand (like “RTW for Dennis Tue!”, and “Martha need fit note!?”.

However you currently keep track of your ‘things to do’ list though, I can pretty much guarantee that adding your task list to People will be more than 10 times easier and help you feel ready for anything.

Understanding Your Interactive HR Task List

Your task list keeps track of anything with a deadline, and alerts you when something is nearing its due date, or even (and we’re sure this never happens!) overdue.

You add to your task list by hitting ‘Tasks’ on the left hand side of your screen.

Hitting this option will let you browse existing tasks, or create new tasks by hitting the little ‘+’ symbol.

You can create tasks for anybody – in other words, when you delegate something, you can add and track that task on your own interactive task list, and the system will remind you when it’s coming up as due so that you can check in with whoever is responsible.

Your task list separates your tasks into some key categories to help you check what’s due when:

– Overdue
– Due Today
– Upcoming
– Completed
– New

You can also choose whether to only view your own tasks, or whether you’d like to view tasks for the entire company.

Other helpful functions include Search (for when you have too many to sift through), and of course you can mark tasks as ‘completed’ to keep things nice and tidy. Also, you can create tasks on any device – so if you’re on your way home from work and you just remembered something you need to do tomorrow, don’t worry, you can access your account via your smartphone.

There’s a helpful video showing this in action over on our Support site, which you can watch by visiting this link.

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