People™’s Winter Release

November 30, 2015

Winter Release

Ever since our last big Autumn Release, our product teams have been hard at work preparing the next round of exciting updates for your HR system.

Query Filters

We’ve introduced some additional filtering options on Query to allow you better control the results returned.

You can now control how the filters work. You can decide to apply All or Any of the filters defined in the query.
Query Filters

Previously if you wanted to do a query similar to “Show my all new starter or leavers last month” you would have needed to do two queries, one for the starters and one for the leavers. Now you can combine the results into one query. To do this you would:

  1. Select the employee details including start date and final day of employment
  2. On the Filter and Options screen:
    • – Select “Any of the filters”
    • – Add a filter on start date for last month
    • – Add a filter on leaver date for last month

We’ve also introduce two new filter options for date and number values.

When using a date filter you can now specify Before (Days) or After (Days):

Before or After FIlters

These filters mean either:

  • – Show me all records where the DATE FIELD is X days or more BEFORE TODAY
  • – Show me all records where the DATE FIELD is X days or more AFTER TODAY.

X is the number of days you specify in the filter. TODAY is the day the query is refreshed.

For numbers you have the option to choose SUM or COUNT and then equal, less than or greater than. Both of these filters work in the same way. They take all the results returned for each employee and then compare the SUM or the COUNT against the value you enter.

Building QUery

For example if we wanted to show only those employees who have had less than a total of 5 absences days so far we could use the SUM is less than on the Duration Days field. This will only return those employees where all of that employee’s total absence duration is less than 5 days. COUNT could be used to filter on the number of instances of absence.

There is some more general details on how to use Query here.

Ripple™ Workflow

Ripple Workflow provides workflow automation capabilities to People and is available on the Elite plan. People already contains powerful built in workflow processes, Ripple is intended to compliment and extend these processes where additional flexibility or customisation is required.

Ripple Workflow

We’ve created some detailed documentation for Ripple:

Contact your account manager to find out more about the Elite plan. Ranjit Johnson on

Logbook Screens

People has two types of Logbook screens, those provided automatically by People and those that can be created using the Screen Designer. You’ve always been able to delete any custom screen but not remove an automatic screen. You can now choose which automatic screens you want to hide using the Logbook option in settings.

Employee Salary Security

A new option so salary information is now shown to employees has been added to the company settings screen:

Salary Security

API Modifications

We’ve introduced several modifications to the API.

  • – You can download specific or all employee documents
  • – You can get access to the reports to employee ID as well as the name
  • – You can update the holiday entitlement, doing so will create a history record
  • – You can now make an employee a Leaver
  • – The API now allows project, task and detail to be created. If any one of project, task or detail does not exist when timesheet is created then the API will add them to the relevant managed list.
  • – The Get Timesheet Detail method of Employee Timesheet endpoint allows you to pull timesheet detail for an Employee ID for a Start and End Date, it now also returns a changed date. This informs you when the timesheet has changed.

The API workbench tool has been updated with these new calls.

If you are wondering what the API is, visit the support section here, start with the API General Overview Video which provides the URL for the API Developer Workbench.

Additional Fields

We’ve added some additional fields to the People system

  • – Fixed Term End Date, available on the Employment screen. This field is added to allow you to enter details for employees who are on a fixed term contract. If the employee has public holidays included in their holiday entitlement then they will only be included upto this date. It’s available in Query so you can report on it.
  • – Continuous Service Date, available on the Personal screen. This is the date since the employee has been in continuous employment including any transfers between employers.

In People it is used to calculate length of service (reflected in overview, employee list,personal screen, QB, Holiday carry over job) and to assign any additional leave entitlements based on length of service. It’s available in Query so you can report on it.
Note: Continuous Service Date can be left blank. The system will use the Start Date as the Continuous Service Date.

Performance Management

In the last release we introduced the option to allow employees and managers to specify scoring for core questions and job role specific questions, we’ve now made that optional.

Performance Management

We’ve also made it possible for you to include an employee in more than one performance review profile. So now you can have the same employee appearing in the a 3 month, 6 month and annual review.

There are some additional articles on Performance Management here.

Leaver Processing – Adjustment of Entitlement

When you make someone a leaver their remaining holiday entitlement is calculated and shown on the leaver process screen. We now update the planner immediately with that value. This means the employee can only book leave based on their new entitlement up to their leaving date. You can also easily see the remaining entitlement from the employee planner screen.

We’d like to invite you to a free, 1-hour training session where we’ll walk you through the update. To reserve your space, just click the link (but hurry, we have limited slots available):


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