10 Ways to Motivate Your Staff

December 11, 2015

10 Ways to Motivate Your Staff

Trying to work out how to motivate staff who’ve gone past the ‘honeymoon’ period of trying to impress their new employer? Here are 10 great staff motivation techniques that actually work!

1. Take interest in your people’s jobs. Everybody wants to feel a sense of purpose. Taking an interest in what each person is doing for the company shows that they are important, and that their job really matters.

2. Set goals. When we have something to work towards, we tend to work harder and more productively. Provide clear goals for each person to aim for, and then leave them to it – the results might surprise you.

3. Be an inspiration. The greatest leaders in history were all able to inspire their people by painting an exciting vision of the future – you should do the same, by sharing your vision of your company’s future with the rest of the team.

4. Leave people to do their jobs. One of the biggest motivation crushers is micromanagement. People do NOT want to be under constant surveillance, and they will normally work far better if you give them breathing space to express themselves and develop their own style of working.

5. Celebrate mistakes! OK, you shouldn’t actually throw a party whenever anybody does something wrong… but if your people are pushing themselves to really achieve something worthwhile, and it goes wrong, you shouldn’t punish them – you should praise them for putting in the effort and using their creativity, innovation and initiative.

6. Say ‘Thanks’.  The easiest but most effective way to motivate your staff is to simply give them credit where credit is due. If people think their hard work is going unnoticed, they’ll most likely stop working hard… but if they can see it’s being seen and appreciated, they’ll double their efforts.

7. Give constructive feedback. You should combine your thanks and positive feedback with constructive feedback that helps your people improve. This does not mean insulting their work – it means give them genuine, helpful advice on how they could produce even better results.

8. Involve them in business performance updates. Tell your staff how your company is performing overall, and let them feel a sense of shared ownership and responsibility.

9. Involve them in business rewards! You can’t make your staff feel responsible for performance without giving them their fair share of rewards – give them a share of profits, and they will be much more likely to perform as though they owned the business (because in a sense, they will own it).

10. Don’t overwork your staff. If you want your people to burn the candle at both ends every day of the week, you’ll not get very far in the long-term – consistently forcing 40+ hour weeks will eventually lead to a drop in productivity and an increase in absences.

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