What are You Doing to Create a Positive Company Culture in 2016?

January 4, 2016

What are You Doing to Create a Positive Company Culture in 2016?

In 2013, we made a mid-year resolution to boost staff engagement by creating charter our people would love.

We produced a staff handbook that outlined everything we valued in our people, and that described everything we would do as a company to make People an extra special place to work.

For the third year running, we’re proud to say that as our team has grown, we have continued attracting people who love working with us, and who consistently demonstrate the qualities we crave.

Here are a few things in our employee handbook that we think are some of the reasons our culture works so well.

The Level Playing Field

One of the things that we feel makes us special, is that we don’t have a traditional hierarchy that governs the way we work. Everybody treats one another as an equal, and nobody is ‘in charge’ of anybody else – no matter what the job role. We employ people for their skills, not their ability to settle into a pecking order!

Risk-Taking is a Good Thing!

We know from experience that it almost always pays to take risks. On the one hand, there’s a chance that whatever it is you’re trying will work as intended, and you’ll go flying forward… on the other hand, if it all goes wrong, you learn an important lesson for next time. It’s a ‘win win’ in our eyes, and we encourage our employees to take initiative whenever they’re able.

Career Growth VS Career Progression

Because we have no traditional hierarchy, there is no ‘career ladder’ so to speak that our employees can climb. We always find this attitude a little bit counter-productive anyway – we’d much prefer for our people to focus on becoming the best they can be, than forcing themselves into pre-made boxes that don’t quite fit. We encourage our people to try new things, learn new skills, and grow their career in whichever way suits them the best.

2016 is going to be a big year for People!

We’re very excited about this year, and can’t wait to meet the new faces who will join our team as we continue to grow.

What are you doing this year to improve your company culture?

Download out entire Staff Handbook here. And if you like something? Steal it!

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