Help Somebody Beat the Bus Stop Blues This January

January 6, 2016

It is impossible to fully understand the impact our actions have on the lives of others. Something tiny we do for somebody can create a ripple that influences a make-or-break moment in that person’s life many years later.

Your small acts of kindness could mean the world to somebody else, and that’s why in December, we ran a competition on Twitter and Facebook called #DailyRipples, where we asked you all to share with us your daily acts of kindness.

We wanted to inspire the world to do something small for somebody else every day. Your responses were overwhelming!

So first up, a great big thanks to you all for restoring our faith in humanity 🙂

This month, we’d love you all to continue creating daily ripples, and to continue sharing them with us, either by commenting on this blog post, by leaving us a message on Facebook, or by Tweeting us @peoplehrms using #DailyRipples.

The daily ripples you share are such an inspiration, and believe us when we say that they help make a lot of people’s days much brighter.

The video above shows you a great example of how you can do something small for somebody else to make a big difference.

Do You Drive To Work?

January is a cold, cold month. It is not a fun month to be stamping your feet at a bus stop.

If you drive to work, then we’d like to propose a challenge:

Find out if anybody who lives near you catches a bus to the office, and then offer them a lift (without asking for anything in return!). There’s no prize this time – if you accept our challenge, it will be out of the pure goodness of your heart.

Are you up for it?

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