5 Surprising Stats About Social Media at Work

January 25, 2016
5 Surprising Stats About Social Media at Work

Since 1997, talent sourcing company Spherion have been conducting an on-going piece of research called The Emerging Workforce Study.

In 2015, they surveyed more than 2,000 workers and 225 human resources managers on topics such as recruitment, engagement, job satisfaction, retention, and the use of social media in the workplace.

Here are 5 interesting findings the study dug up regarding about social media and the workplace. Enjoy!

1. 50% of workers believe that social media platforms influence their view of a company they might consider working for. Make sure your LinkedIn and Facebook pages are giving the right impression of your employer brand!
2. 30% of workers believe that being allowed to use social media at work greatly increases their job satisfaction. But what about productivity!?
3. 39% of workers believe that having access to social media sites and tools helps them be more productive. Ah, that answers my productivity question.
4. 31% of workers believe they are expected to be social media savvy in order to do well in their organisation. As an employer, do you think employees with social media skills do better than those without?
5. 21% of workers say they spend between 1 and 6 hours using social media tools or mobile applications to help get their job done.

To stay up to date with the Emerging Workforce Study, you can find Spherion on Facebook and Twitter.

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