People Stories: Tunstall

January 27, 2016
People Stories: Tunstall

Since 1957, Tunstall has been a leading provider of health and care products and services, designed to support people who require a little extra help in life. The company has a rich history of pioneering new technology – from launching the world’s first social alarm system in 1982, to their more recent launch of assisted living system Communicall VI in 2015.

As well as developing their own technology for their customers, with over 700 employees Tunstall also embraces external technology to help them hit their business goals – which is how People HR enters their story.

Why Tunstall Chose People HR

When Jennifer Mclellan – Tunstall’s HR Projects Manager – identified a need for a new HR system, she was spoiled for choice. There are so many systems available, and we know how hard it can be to make a final decision!

“I chose People because it was the most cost-effective” admitted Jennifer when we asked how she finally came to a decision. “It was a better price than the other systems I saw”

We’re pleased to observe, however, that low price doesn’t equal low quality – Jennifer rated People 9/10 in terms of how well it exceeded her previous method of managing HR, and she told us that it has improved things on the whole for the company, with managers enjoying their newfound access to more information about their team members.

Favourite Features & Best Bits

We asked Jennifer how People had helped her company the most since they became a customer, and she gave us some pleasant feedback.

“Our favourite feature is self-service” she explained. “It really helps to make processes more efficient. The query builder is really helpful, too – it’s very easy to use, and it’s easy to extract information in a usable format.”

But perhaps the feature that generated the biggest response from staff at Tunstall, was their response to People’s Thanks functionality.

“We love the ‘Thanks’ function!” Jennifer told us. “We didn’t even tell the staff it was there – but they quickly found it and started using it. Thanks!”

Learn More About Tunstall

To learn more about Tunstall and their business journey to date, visit their website here.


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