What is the UK’s ‘Fit for Work’ Service All About?

February 15, 2016
Fit for Work Service

Did you know that if an employee is absent from work for at least four weeks, you can refer them to a Government-funded scheme called ‘Fit for Work’?

What is the ‘Fit for Work’ Service?

Fit for Work is a service that assesses the occupational health of an employee who has been absent from work for four weeks or more.

It was fully-launched by the UK Government in September 2015, and provides advice for employers, employees and General Practitioners about health- and work-related matters.

It is designed to provide employees suffering health issues with support returning to work.

What Does the Service Do?

When an employee’s employer or GP refers them to the service, here’s what happens:

  1. An adviser from the Fit for Work service carries out a telephone health assessment
  2. The adviser creates a return-to-work plan with suggested steps for helping the employee return to work
  3. The plan is shared with the employee
  4. Unless the employee refuses consent, the plan is also normally shared with the employer
  5. The case manager will monitor progress and arrange further assessment if necessary

The case manager will close the case if the employee returns to work, if the service is no longer able to help, or if the employee has not managed to return to work after three months.

How to Use the Fit for Work Service

The Fit for Work service is provided free of charge.

If you want to know how to refer an employee to the Government-funded Fit for Work service, or for more information, you can visit the Fit for Work website here.

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