10 Ways to Create the Perfect Place of Work

February 26, 2016
10 ways to make your workspace perfect

Let’s forget about the “soft topics” like relationships, teamwork and professional development, and let’s take a look for a moment at something very tangible: The physical space within which you actually work. Or in other words, your office.

With most of us spending 33% of our time in the office, it makes sense that in order to improve the morale and productivity of our workforce, we should spend some time optimising the place we spend most of our time.

Here are our 10 top tips for creating a workspace to die for (not literally). Some of these tips will only be helpful if you’re looking for a new location – but many of them are useful even if your physical foundations are already set.

1. Pick the Perfect Location

Prime locations can cost a lot more, but they can be the extra money in terms of their ability to attract talent. Don’t choose an expensive area for the sake of it, but at the same time, if your research tells you that the premium talent for your particular needs is in a certain place, don’t let a high price tag put you off.

2. Provide Free Parking

Being unable to easily get to work can be a huge cause of frustration. If possible, provide free secure parking, and as a minimum, make sure you select somewhere close to major transport links.

3. Encourage Cycling or Running to Work

Did you know that exercising before work makes you more alert and mentally switched on? You can encourage people to cycle or run to work by providing secure bicycle storage and on-site shower facilities.

4. Think About Gym Facilities

If you can’t justify the cost of having a dedicated gym built within your building, then at least consider locating your workspace close to a local gym. This is a great way to make it easier for your employees to exercise before and after work.

5. Proximity to the High Street

It’s surprising how much positive difference it can make when your workspace is located close to a major cluster of shops, banks and places to eat. From having team lunches and socialising after work, to simply being easy for staff to run personal errands on their breaks – try to aim for somewhere that is a maximum of a 15-minute walk from a high street.

6. Put the Power of Grand Design into the Hands of Your People

If you’re designing your workspace, let the people who will be using it have a say in what it will look and feel like – studies show that employees who help to design their workspace are happier and more productive.

7. Let People Personalise Their Space

Do you love tidy desks? Sorry, but you might have to adapt to a bit of mess. Research shows that employees who are allowed to personalise their workspace have a higher sense of well-being. Try to ignore that collection of crazy-haired trolls over on Darren’s PC!

8. Create Quiet Areas

Even if you can’t afford every employee the privilege of their own private working quarters, you should at the very least set aside a place within the building where people can go to get on with focused work that is free from distraction.

9. Provide Breakout Rooms

This is forgotten about too often. Employers are often too eager to assign workspace to, well, work. But what they often forget is that staff need a place to go when they’re not working – and you will be giving them breaks, right?

10. Let There Be (Natural) Light

More natural light during working hours helps people to feel more physically and mentally effective throughout the day. Try to select offices that will give you access to lots of natural light, and take those blackout blinds down!

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