Should You Have a Romance Policy in Place?

March 3, 2016
Romance In The Office

In the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, it’s hardly surprising that HR-related questions such as “am I allowed to date my boss?”, and “am I allowed to date a co-worker?” become much more common. So we thought it would be an appropriate time to take a quick look at how some companies approach romance between work colleagues.

Here are a few statistics published by the Society for Human Resources Statistics that might interest you if you’re wondering how other employers approach romance in the workplace.

  • -24% of employees admit to having been involved in, or to being currently involved in, a romantic relationship with a colleague
  • -43% of HR professionals say that they are aware of at least one romantic relationship taking place right now between members of their staff
  • -42% of companies have an official policy in place, either written or verbal, which outlines guidelines for employees regarding developing romantic relationships with one another
  • -99% of companies with a romance policy forbid supervisors from having romantic relationships with their direct reports


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