How Great Performance Software Improves Talent Management

March 14, 2016
Great Performance Software

Neil Davidson said in a recent report on talent management that talent management is less complicated than most people think. He said that it’s as simple as “measuring key performance indicators, and then putting them into context”.

So how do we measure key performance indicators effectively, and in a way that helps us to manage our talent?

If you’re a People® customer, you’ll probably already know about our powerful Performance functionality. But just in case you don’t, here are a few of the ways People® helps you review performance and develop your talent.

Build a 3D Picture with 360 Feedback

Traditional methods of conducting performance reviews often rely on the opinion of just one or two people – normally, the employee in question, and that employee’s direct line manager. Relying on this alone is not normally an accurate reflection of how a person performs. The employee might be biased (either over-confident with their abilities, or too modest to sing their own praises), and their line manager might have a personal issue that influences their opinion.

With People®, you can request 360 feedback. This gathers feedback on a single employee from everybody around them – their colleagues, their managers, ‘Old Uncle Tom Cobley and All’. This kind of feedback is much more like a 3D scan, as it takes a balanced looks from several angles.

360 Feedback

Custom Questionnaires with In-Built Reporting

Anybody can build a performance review questionnaire. But what is harder, is distributing these in a consistent fashion and then analysing the results of every single person across the company on a like-for-like basis.

With People®, this is made possible, because you can build questionnaires that are sent to every person on your list. Numerical responses – such as answers to questions asking employees to rate their abilities in key areas – are fed back into our reporting software, allowing you to digest results visually and compare them on a like-for-like, or even a year-on-year basis.

Recognise and Reward Hard Work

Engaged employees perform better. And employees who are given recognition for great performance tend to be more engaged. This is like the opposite of a ‘vicious circle’. Would we perhaps call it a ‘friendly circle’? I don’t know…

…what I do know, is that within People® is the ability for each of your employees to congratulate and interact with one another whenever they see somebody doing something great.

We call this functionality Thanks, and our customers tell us that it really boosts morale and increases productivity and motivation.

The Thanks page has really improved staff morale” says Kate from Sid Valley Practice. “It encourages them to praise each other!

How Does This Relate to Talent Management?

Building a better picture of performance helps you assess your situation and work out where to go next.

Measuring and comparing key metrics gives you the data on the KPIs that need to improve.

Boosting engagement and morale means that the abilities of your employees will be magnified through greater productivity and motivation.

If you’d like to see how People® can help you to improve performance and talent management, then why not take a free test drive today?

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