Who Should I Ask for a Medical Report on an Employee?

March 22, 2016
Employee Medical Report

If you need information from an employee’s medical records, then there is more than one place you can go to request a medical report on one of your employees.

However, although requesting a medical report is pretty straightforward, you might want to consider why you want it before deciding who to go to.

Here is a little bit of advice on where you can obtain a medical report, and why you might want to be a little bit selective.

Where Can I Obtain a Medical Report on an Employee?

There are several places where you can obtain a medical report on an employee. These include:

– The employee’s own GP

– The employee’s own occupational health adviser (if one exists)

– An independent medical practitioner

– An independent occupational health adviser

Who Should You Choose?

Who you should go to for a medical report on an employee largely depends on why you need it, because different medical professionals will most likely have more information about certain things but less about others.

For example, an employee’s GP will know more about the employee’s health and wellbeing on a personal level. However, an occupational health adviser might know more about the employee’s health in terms of how it relates to the job role they are in.

So if you are trying to work out why an employee is taking time off sick, you are likely going to get the most useful information form that employee’s GP. However, if you are trying to work out whether or not an employee’s health will prevent them from performing a different job role for example, then you may prefer to speak to an occupational health adviser.

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