Vitamin London Gets Organised Using People®

March 23, 2016
People Stories - Vitamin London

The Problem: Struggling to track important HR information

The Solution: Using People® to centralise HR processes

The Results: Organisational efficiency goes through the roof

Vitamin London is a digital product development shop based in central London. Trading since 2011, they are all about attention to detail, delivering quality UI/UX design, and effective digital solutions. Vitamin London understands that long-term goals are just as crucial as short-term deadlines, and therefore aims to always deliver on one simple promise: Enhancing their clients’ projects.

We recently spoke to Vitamin London’s Strategic Director Richard Nichols about the HR challenges they were facing as a company before they found People®.

“We were handling HR on a very ad-hoc basis with very little structure” said Richard. “Our biggest challenge was keeping track of contracts and holidays. Because we did not have a central location where everything was manged, we were working in a disorganised manner and were unable to maintain a proper working environment.”

vitamin London

Vitamin London Use People® to Centralise HR

Vitamin London’s main goal was to implement a clean platform that would make handling HR requests more simple and transparent.

When they found People®, Richard told us that Vitamin London was delighted.

“People® allows each member of our team to keep track of their information in a highly efficient way” said Richard. “The features of the software are beneficial to us as a whole – it allows us to see each other’s schedules, and therefore prepare our own with more efficiency and less disruption to the business”.

Organisational Efficiency is Now Through the Roof!

Since implementing People®, Richard has noticed that the company’s organisation has seriously improved. As well as his team having more control over their schedules, Richard tells us that everybody is finding it easier to function more effectively, more efficiently, and in conjunction with one another.

To learn more about Vitamin London, visit their website here.

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