Three of the Best Corporate April Fool Jokes Ever

April 1, 2016
Three of the Best Corporate April Fool Jokes Ever

You might remember a little post we made around this time last year where we announced our acquisition of Google.

OK, it was a pretty terrible April Fool joke. But you can’t criticise us for trying!

Anyway, in the spirit of it being the 1st April again, we’re looking at some of the better pranks and jokes other companies have made over the years. Enjoy!

Food: “Canned Pizza” – Dominoes

Dominoes in Japan once made headlines by offering their audience “Pizza in a can”.

The company set up a special website for this April 1st Canned Treat… of course, customers excited to buy their very own tinned takeaway arrived to find that the only thing available was a discount coupon for regular pizza. Still, that’s nothing to sniff at – and it certainly got people talking!

Social Media: “New Site: Twttr” – Twitter

Does anybody remember back in 2013 when Twitter announced that it was splitting off into two separate services?

This hilarious blog post told bemused users that in order to use vowels, they would need to subscribe to the premium service which would cost an extra $5 per month. Everybody else using the free version would have a version of Twitter called “Twttr”, in which vowels would not be supported!

Transport: “Triple Decker Bus” – Echo Continental

Finally, here’s a classic hoax from way back in 1926, pushed to the public by the then-popular German motor magazine Echo Continental. In their April 1st Issue, the publication apparently released a photograph and announcement regarding a brand new vehicle that was in-development: a triple-decker bus!

At the time of publication, Echo Continental was a well-known magazine run and published by a leading manufacturer of auto and truck parts Continental AG. I wonder how they managed such a convincing photograph without the use of Photoshop?

All in all, I think we’ve seen some pretty funny April Fool pranks and hoaxes conducted by corporate entities all over the world. Which ones did we miss that you think should have been included?



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