Is the Government Failing to Reduce the Gender Pay Gap?

April 4, 2016
Reduce the Gender Pay Gap

Earlier this year, we talked about the government’s plans to enforce gender pay reporting in an effort to reduce the gender pay gap.

So how are they currently doing in their effort to close the gap? According to an interesting article by, not very well at all.

Lack of Effective Policy in the Right Areas

Despite the government’s pledge to demand gender pay gap reporting, the article suggests that there is simply not enough effective policy in the areas that actually contribute to the gender pay gap in the first place.

The article lists some of the key causes as being:

– Part-time pay penalty

– Women’s disproportionate responsibility for childcare

– The concentration of women in low paid sectors

The article says that although the Government has committed to eliminating the 19.2 percent pay gap within a generation, it seems that this gap has stayed the same for the last four years!

It seems that the women who are most affected are those over 40, followed by women aged 50-59 who face a massive 27 percent differential.

What Needs to Happen Next?

The committee responsible for putting the report together suggested that a number of things need to happen if the Government is to reduce the gender pay gap.

–  More support for men and women to share childcare

– More support for women returning to work after time out of the labour market

– Improvements made to highly-feminised sectors like care and retail

The article does give us cause for optimism though – it states that employers are at least becoming more accepting that workplaces need to change, and that flexible working could be something which benefits men, women and the bottom line alike.

I think that 2016 will be a big year for the gender pay gap. Do you?


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