Which “Game Of Thrones” Character is Your Boss?

April 11, 2016
Which “Game Of Thrones” Character is Your Boss?

Ever since Game Of Thrones season 5 finished, we’ve been dying to know when HBO’s Game Of Thrones will be back. As it stands, Game Of Thrones Season 6 is scheduled to begin on 24th April 2016 – not long now!

So, while we wait, we thought we’d create a fun little competition, which gives you the chance to win the entire Game Of Thrones box set (seasons 1-5). All you have to do is tell us which character from Game Of Thrones most represents your boss at work!

Here’s how to take part:
1. Read the Character Profiles Below (Optional)
2. Write Your Answer in the Comments Section Below

To help you out, we’ve written a character bio for 10 of the top GoT characters. If you feel like you already know the characters well enough, you can just cast your vote by leaving your comment straight away. Otherwise, we’ve provided some character descriptions below to help you compare them to your boss at work.

Oh, and if you are your own boss, just vote for which character most represents you!

1. Cersei Lannister

The Friend-Favouring Sneak

In Game Of Thrones, Cersei Lannister comes across as cold, devious and smug. She is constantly trying to secure the throne for her children.

As a boss, Cersei Lannister is the type who is sneaky, back-biting and pretty horrible to anybody but the small handful of people she actually likes. If you’re on her good side, great… but otherwise, beware. She is probably be willing to do almost anything to promote her favourite people into positions of power, and would be the kind of person to give friends and family senior roles within the company even if they were hugely unqualified to be doing them.

2. Jon Snow

The Good and Honest Leader

In the show, Jon Snow is so good it’s almost difficult to believe. Honest and full of virtue, he is perhaps a little bit too good.

As a boss, Jon Snow is the kind of boss who puts doing what is right over doing what is most profitable. If he makes a promise, you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll keep it. As a result of putting employee wellbeing above company profits, Jon Snow’s company tends to be very successful! However, Jon Snow must watch out for the minority of people who will take advantage of his good nature and honesty.

3. Samwell Tarly

The Slow Steady Climber

In the TV series, Sam is an outsider who has been rejected and mistreated by his family. Because of this, he’s had a lot of alone time to reflect, learn, and expand his knowledge, which eventually puts him into a position of great value.

As a boss, Sam is the kind of person who didn’t “smile” his way up the career ladder – he got there by slowly but surely acquiring vast quantities of knowledge and experience, and by persevering. Whatever Sam’s industry or role, chances are he knows 20 things about it that nobody else knows. Sam’s hunger to succeed, and his patience to make it happen, is what got him into his current position. He might not be a natural leader, but he has the potential to be an excellent boss given the right support.

4. Jamie Lannister

The Repentant Dirty Fighter

Jamie Lannister made his name early on in the series as the “King Slayer”, and good golly, he did a lot of unsavoury things in his day! As the series has progressed, however, he has developed a lot and tried to change his ways, to the point where he is now capable of compassion and loyalty.

If Jamie Lannister is your boss, then chances are he has a dark history. Perhaps he earned his position by fighting tooth-and-nail with his competitors, or perhaps he even pulled a dirty trick or two. However, through experience, he has learned that the best leaders are those who truly care about the people they are leading, and as a result, he has matured and settled into his position and does his job very well.

5. Brienne of Tarth

The Feisty Go-Getter

After breaking away from her father’s attempts at marrying her off, Brienne was determined to make a success of it in the King’s Guard despite being mocked because of her gender.

As a boss, Brienne is feisty, confident and doesn’t care what other people think about her. If she thinks something is right, she will push ahead without letting the complaints of others bother her. She possesses qualities of loyalty, both to the brand she serves and the teams she leads, and even though she doesn’t let herself get pushed around by others, she still acts with other people’s best interests at heart.

6. Bran Stark

The Mysterious Risk-Taker

In Game Of Thrones, Bran was paralysed after being thrown from the tower. Despite this, he went on to achieve great things, and found other strengths – such as the ability to control animals – that replaced his ability to use his legs.

As a boss, Bran Stark is a mysterious risk-taker who, although he might be remembered for a lot of his mistakes, has learned to laugh in the face of failure and find positive in all he does. For Bran, getting something wrong is simply a lesson learned, and his confidence experimenting with new ways of working means he has discovered invaluable skills and techniques that other leaders don’t quite understand.

7. Arya Stark

The Relationship Builder

If you’ve ever seen Game Of Thrones, you’ll know that Arya Stark is somebody who develops close and long-lasting friendships, and who focuses on the authenticity of that friendship rather than what it means from a power perspective.

As a boss, Arya is a person who understands the importance of building and maintaining strong, authentic relationships with those around her. Stark is the kind of boss who will see you for who you are, and who will help you to find your unique qualities as a person – no matter what your position or status in the company.

8. Daenerys Targaryen

Strong and Well-Rounded

Daenerys began in the series as a nervous, shy little girl who was being controlled by her brother. Through a slow process of strength, learning and determination however, she eventually became the “Mother Of Dragons” and “Breaker Of Chains”. Just like Brienne, she is strong and determined, but similar to Sam, she has had to fight hard to get to where she is.

As a boss, Daenerys is very well-rounded, and although she often knows the direction the team should be going, she isn’t afraid of asking for help where help is needed, as she understands that only through continuous learning can a person really grow and develop. If your boss is a well-rounded leader who isn’t afraid of taking firm action, but will likewise happily hear the opinions of others before making a balanced decision, then your boss is most like Daenerys Targaryen.

9. Sansa Stark

Strength Through Suffering

Sansa has really faced her fair share of being used by others. In the series, she has often found herself as the pawn in other people’s chess games, and experienced a multitude of atrocities, from seeing her family members murdered, to being abused by Ramsay Snow (who is now known as Ramsay Bolton). Sansa has managed to find strength in her tribulations, however, and is possibly one of the bravest characters in the series as a result.

If your boss is Sansa Stark, then your boss has most likely suffered greatly at the hands of corporate brutality during her climb up the career ladder, and will likely be a little cold as a result. From being unfairly treated early on in her career, to being a scape goat for other people’s actions as she has progressed, Sansa has probably learned the hard way what the corporate world can be like, and as a result, has a keen eye and little patience for bullying behaviour in the workplace.

10. Tyrion Lannister

The Level-Headed Easy-Goer

In Game Of Thrones, Tyrion is under constant fire for the way he looks. Despite this, he takes it all on the chest and simply perseveres, with one of his more famous quotes being “if they want to give you a name, take it, make it your own. Then they can’t hurt you with it anymore.”

If Tyrion Lannister is your boss, then he probably takes a good deal of mocking and joking from his team, but to him, it is like water off a duck’s back. He is there to do a job, and he does not let trivial matters get in the way of this – he is easy going, the kind of person most other people eventually get along with, and teaches others that there are more important things in life than office politics or petty name-calling.

So… Which Game Of Thrones Character is Your Boss?

Tell us in the comments below and you could win a Game Of Thrones box set!

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