How to Optimise Your Sleep Environment for a Better Night’s Sleep

April 12, 2016
Optimise Your Sleep Environment

Sleep is incredibly important to our overall health. Alongside diet and exercise, it is one of the building blocks that a healthy life is built upon. Sleep isn’t just about health; it is a fundamental part of what keeps us alive, alongside Air, Water and Food. We know that you can last longer without food than you can without sleep.

Despite this we live in a society where sleep is not given enough importance, where a lack of sleep is seen as a badge of honour. We don’t give sleep space in our lives and 1 in 3 of us does not get the sleep we need.

I have put together a range of advice based on the work I do as a sleep practitioner and sleep environment expert. Today’s advice is all about optimising your sleep environment for a better night’s sleep.

Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment

Your sleep environment is made up of the temperature, the light and noise levels, and also the products you sleep on (and under).
– Temperature, light and noise. Your room should be at a temperature of 16-18 degrees, and it should be quiet and dark. This means your body will be better prepared to produce melatonin (you are going to hear a lot about melatonin!), a hormone which is a precursor to sleep.

– Your Bedding. The mattress and pillow you sleep on are really important to ensuring you fall asleep and stay asleep. Your mattress should support your body correctly keeping your spine straight and supporting you where you are heaviest, which is around your hips and shoulders. If you get too hot in bed try and steer clear of memory, foam and latex products as they are less breathable.

– Positioning. Your pillow, whether you sleep on your back or your side, should keep you neck straight and in a neutral position. Sleeping on your front is not recommended because it puts undue strain on your neck.
Following this simple but effective advice will not only help you get to sleep faster, but will improve the quality of your sleep.

Next week we will be looking at how you can easily develop a healthy sleep routine without changing too much in your life.

About The Author

James is a sleep practitioner and sleep environment expert who helps people sleep better. He trained as a practitioner with the Children’s Sleep Charity and works with babies, children, professionals and sports people and teams, helping them to sleep better. He also works with companies helping them to develop products, such as mattresses and tech products and also with hotels to create the perfect sleep environments for their guests. You can read more about his thoughts on sleep at

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