How to Create a Test Employee Record

May 4, 2016
How to Create a Test Employee Record

Getting to know your new HR system can be fun and exciting, but you might feel hesitant to start playing around with it for fear of doing something wrong that is difficult to undo. For this reason, we have created a way for you to create test employee or manager records within your employee database, which do not count as official records.

Here’s how to do it:

1. If you don’t have Self Service activated, do this first by going to Settings – Licences and hitting Activate Self Service. Don’t worry, you can change this back later if you don’t want to use Self Service.
2. If you do not wish any of your existing employees to receive a welcome email with system login details because you intend to de-activate Self Service once you have completed this test, then please see the advice below this set of instructions.
3. Set up a valid email address where the test employee’s activation email can be sent. Free services like Gmail are perfect for this.
4. Log into People® and create a new starter by going to your Employees screen and hitting the + icon.
5. Complete the dummy record remembering to use the new email address you created to complete the new starter process.

You have now created a dummy employee record that you can use for testing things out without affecting any of your other employees. When you’re finished testing, you can simply delete this employee.

How to Avoid Activating Self Service for Existing Employees

Self Service is a great tool that allows your employees to login and access their own employee records, update their own personal details, and request their own holidays. If you do not wish to use this functionality, then it is important that you adhere to the following while Self Service is switched on:

–  Do NOT edit any existing employees’ email addresses

– If you add a new employee, do NOT enter their email address

– Do NOT enter any holidays on your own profile

– Do NOT send out any Thanks badges

– Make sure that the Admin, Manager and Employee re-cap emails are switched OFF (Settings – Email)

– Do NOT add any new sick leave

– If you have the Ripple Workflow module, make sure they are NOT in use.

For more information on adding dummy records, visit our support article here. If you’d like help achieving something different using People®, leave a comment below and (if it’s possible) we’ll write you a guide!

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