6 Reasons to Choose People (6 Cash Prizes to be Won!)

May 9, 2016
6 Reasons to Choose People

This month we’re celebrating the top 6 reasons why HR professionals choose People®, by giving away £150 in Amazon Vouchers! There are six vouchers of £25 each to win until the end of May and you can keep coming back to collect entries every day and maximise your chance of bagging a prize.
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The Top 6 Reasons Why HR Professionals Choose People®

Since the day we launched our modern HR software, companies all over the UK and beyond have been joining us for the same 6 reasons:

People® Makes a Tough Job Fun

1. People® Makes a Tough Job Fun.
The secret ingredient powering People® is FUN. From exclusive in-built missions that challenge you to get your professional game face on, to interactive engagement initiatives for rewarding your staff, our software adds a unique twist to your day job.

People® Guides Your Decisions.
2. People® Guides Your Decisions.
Whether you’re brand new to HR or a seasoned professional, we all make mistakes and we all forget things. People® helps you stay in top form by providing expert advice when you need it the most.

People® Creates Reports With Impact.
3.  People® Creates Reports With Impact.
Discover the stats that matter, packed neatly into powerful, pre-designed infographics that help you to impress your colleagues and make a positive difference at work.

People® Can Be Accessed Anywhere.
4. People® Can Be Accessed Anywhere.
Optimised for tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops, People® is all about flexibility. If you want to authorise holidays while you’re away taking yours, People® makes it possible.

People® Doesn’t Eat Your I.T. Resources
5. People® Doesn’t Eat Your I.T. Resources.
Securely hosted in the cloud, People® is cared for in the background by an experienced family of HR software experts. No more calls to your overworked I.T. department when something goes wrong, and no more downtime while your system is updating.

People® is Affordable and Transparently Priced
6. People® is Affordable and Transparently Priced.
With some of the lowest prices on the market, there’s a plan for you – no matter how big or small your business might be. All our prices are clearly published online so that you can easily work out what your costs will be, and there are no hidden charges. Plans start from just £1 per employee.

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