People Stories: How Robert Heath Heating Improved KPI Tracking with People®

May 25, 2016
People Stories: Robert Heath Heating

The Problem: Struggling to calculate sick patterns, absence and holidays

The Solution: A system that introduced HR best-practice, easy on-boarding and a flexible API

The Results:  Automated HR processes and better KPI tracking

Robert Heath Heating specialises in providing domestic and commercial gas heating installation, service and maintenance services to Social Housing, and is currently engaged in long-term contracts with Housing Associations and Local Authorities, covering over 100,000 properties across the UK. All Robert Heath Heating operations are co-ordinated from their Head Office in London, which is supported by their four regional offices in Exeter, Leeds, Isle of Wight and Aberystwyth.

Robert Heath Heating has been trading since 1979, and employs 350 people.

Kristian Ellmore, the company’s ICT Director, tells us a bit more about their journey to discover a better way of managing the company’s human resources processes.

“Our Systems Weren’t Designed to Handle HR Processes…”

Before joining People®, Robert Heath Heating was using Microsoft Access and a Sharepoint-based system to manage HR records.

Storing data wasn’t an issue” says Kristian, “but the system wasn’t designed around HR processes. We found common HR tasks such as calculating sick patterns, absence and holidays very difficult.

We Needed to Introduce More On-Boarding Tools, a Comprehensive API, and Better Resources Management

After researching the market online, and analysing reviews, Robert Heath Heating decided that People® was the best way forward. Not only did it help them introduce more HR best practice into their organisation – such as Return to Work, Absence Management and better On-Boarding Processes – but it provided their field-based engineers with a self-service system for booking leave.

The comprehensive API was critical” adds Kristian “because it helped integration with our ERP for engineer planning. We were also very impressed with the website performance, and with the feel of the desktop application. After getting a genuine feel for the system with our free trial, we knew that People® was the solution we’d been looking for.

Easy Implementation with Tailored Training

Robert Heath Heating found the implementation surprisingly straightforward. Once they had sent People® their data, they were live within 48 hours, and Kristian tells us how impressed they were with how well the training was tailored to the organisation’s needs.

Training was provided and tailored to the requirements of the business” says Kristian “including the ‘train the trainer’ sessions.

We Now Enjoy Better Resource Planning, and Better KPI Tracking

Since joining People®, Robert Heath Heating has been very happy with their results.

Our HR department have been delighted with the product” says Kristian. “We have seriously improved our resource planning, and it has exceeded the expectations of our most experienced HR professionals. We now have visibility of key statistics within the business in a very short time, and our processes are all automated – there’s no more paper!

But it’s not just the company’s senior HR team and ICT director that have been left grinning – the staff are over the moon, too!

The application is easy to use, and the ability for employees to review their own records has been a big win” says Kristian.

Advice for Other Companies Considering People®

Kristian finished things with a few words of advice for other companies out there looking for a new HR system.

I would start with a free trial” says Kristian. “Getting hands-on with the product is the best way to see what it’s capable of. It’s also worth taking the time to ensure the data you are extracting is as complete and accurate as possible for the best possible start. Oh, and ask People® lots of questions – we did, and they answered all of ours!”.

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