We’re Cranking Up Your “Other Leave” Flexibility with June’s Feature Release

May 26, 2016
Other Leave

We’re rapidly approaching our next awesome feature release, and we’ve got something in the pipeline that we think you’re going to love. So get your creative cap on, and prepare yourself for a huge dose of flexibility as we upgrade your HR system with a fundamental functionality shift called “Other Events”.

“Other Leave” Becomes “Other Events”

The original idea of “Other Leave” was to give you the ability to book any type of leave for your employees, regardless of the main categories you use. User feedback, however, has suggested that our customers want something a bit more flexible than our current setup, and so we’ve made a series of changes to how “Other Leave” works.

In a nutshell, the changes we’re making will give you boosted visibility of where your employees are on any given day, through added flexibility in terms of how you record “Other Leave”. To reflect these changes, we’re renaming the functionality to “Other Events”. Here are some of the changes you’ll notice.

Other Event

Book Multiple “Other Events” on the Same Day

We’ve totally derestricted the number of “Other Events” you can book for each employee on any given day. Now, no matter how hectic an employee’s schedule might be, you can add as many “Other Events” as you like – a dental appointment at 10am, a client meeting at Lunch, and a team brief at 4pm can now all be added into the same day using “Other Events”.

Multiple Events on the same day

Customise Your “Other Events” with Icons

When creating “Other Events”, you now have the ability to customise how they’re displayed. You can do this using either our default selection of icons, or you can even create and upload your own. Sending an employee away on a wine-tasting tour of France? Create or select an icon that reflects this!

Adding custom icons gives you a massive advantage in checking what’s going on at a glance. It’s up to you how you add and manage your “Other Events” icons, and you’ll be delighted to know that you will also be able to filter results to only display particular icons or types.

Define Custom Values for Different “Other Events”

Once June’s release hits, you’ll not only be able to add multiple “Other Events” and customise the way they are displayed and sorted, but you’ll also be able to assign each of your “Other Events” with an entitlement value. The ability to assign both positive and negative entitlement values means you can really get granular and make sure each instance of leave is reflected by the appropriate bonus or deduction.
Custom Values for Other Events

“Other Events” Fits Snugly Into Our API

If you’re keen to keep your HR system working smoothly with your other applications and processes, you’ll be happy to know that “Other Events” has been added to the API, meaning you can start tinkering as soon as the patch hits.

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