Enhanced Reporting & Deeper Insights with June’s Feature Release

June 8, 2016
Query Builder

The June 2016 feature release is drawing ever closer, and as we prepare to upgrade your HR system with an exciting new range of features and improvements, we’re finding it hard not to talk about what’s coming.

One of the most commonly-used features within our HR system is the Query Builder. This practical, no-frills tool is very easy to use, and offers a flexible alternative to generating one of our beautiful pre-built reports. You can use the Query Builder tool to find out almost anything about your workforce, from how many people are being paid more than X per month, to how many people you employ called John.

We’ve decided to give your Query Builder tool a bit of love, by adding a dash of flexibility and a pinch of extra functionality with June’s feature release. Here’s what’s coming.

Get Granular by Grouping Your Results

With June’s release, you’ll be able to really drill down into the results of your queries, by grouping them by location or department. This is great for comparing results between different offices and teams, or for providing department leaders with only the results most relevant to them.

The grouping functionality will be an easy drag-and-drop feature that feels similar to sorting your email out in your inbox.

Get Granular by Grouping Your Results

Easy Query Cloning

We’ve added a “Save As” option to your query results, meaning once you’ve run a query and checked you’re happy with it, you can easily create a duplicate for next time.

This saves time manually re-building a query from scratch.

Easy Query Cloning

Enhanced Navigation

We’ve improved the layout of your Query Builder tool to make it easier to navigate. The column headers will be fixed in place, meaning you will be able to scroll through the results while keeping track of which columns relate to which headers.

Enhanced Navigation

“Happy Anniversary!” – New Filters Added

A lot of you have been asking for the Query Builder tool to let you filter by anniversary. Good news – we’ve added this in with June’s release!

Once the release goes live, you’ll be able to filter queries using “Before Anniversary” and “After Anniversary” options, which opens up countless new possibilities and combinations.

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