10 Ways to Build a World-Class Manager

June 28, 2016
World-Class Manager

According to HRMagazine, companies with engaged employees see shareholder returns that are 22% higher than average. HRMagazine also states that the Manager-Employee relationship is key to employee engagement. However, it seems that very little thought is actually put into training better managers – in companies with fewer than 100 employees, managers get only 12 minutes of training every 6 months; and in companies with 100-500 employees, this drops to only 6 minutes!

HRMagazine have published a nice little video which provides 10 ways for companies to build world-class managers. It’s definitely worth a watch, but if you prefer to read, then here’s the points broken down for you in text format:

1. Communicate. Great managers should communicate better with their teams. 86% of employees feel that failure is most often caused by a lack of communication, and 57% want critical feedback but feel like they don’t get it.

2. Listen. Arguably part of communication, if your managers aren’t listening to employee problems, then they have no way of trying to solve them.

3. Plan. Managers waste on average 3 hours a day dealing with distractions. Take time out to plan each day in a bit more detail to ensure maximum productivity.

4. Performance. Create high-performing teams who focus on productivity and efficiency.

5. Invest. Teams are made up of talent. Invest time and attention into helping employees develop their skills and careers.

6. Understand. Try to understand each member of your team and recognise them as individuals, not simple numbers.

7. Potential. Focus on managing a team’s potential, instead of trying to obliterate their weaknesses.

8. Goals. Give your team clearly-defined goals to work towards, so that they can feel a real part of the movement, and so that they have something solid to work towards.

9. Customer. Take time to understand the customers who your team members are dealing with.

10. Meaningful. Help your employees to understand the company’s strategies and aims.

What do you think it takes to build a world-class manager?

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