We’re Expanding! People® Prepares to Introduce its HR Software to Australia & New Zealand

July 18, 2016
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People® is proud to be a UK-based company. Despite this, we cater for growing businesses all over the world – from India to the United States of America. We’re firm believers that geographical boundaries are quickly becoming a thing of the past in today’s modern world of business, and we built our software to reflect this. For example, People® comes complete with customisable currencies and time zones, as well as special rules allowing for mobile working and irregular shift patterns.

And so, as we head deeper into an age of global connectivity and flexible working, we’ve decided it is time for us to become more pro-active in our mission to help ambitious HR professionals all over the world make bigger impact and get recognised for their hard work. We are therefore delighted to announce our new initiative to introduce our modern HR software to the wonderful people of Australia and New Zealand, with the help of our newest member of staff, Nadine Woodhead.

Meet Nadine: National Sales Manager, Australia & New Zealand
Nadine Woodhead
Nadine Woodhead is based in Sydney, Australia, and has bravely agreed to take on the challenging but exciting role of developing business across Australia and New Zealand. Nadine has more than 20 years’ experience in this field, a lot of which has been built working with international sensations such as Oracle, Dun and Bradstreet, and Carlton United Breweries (you know, the guys who make Fosters – very appropriate!). We are feeling quietly confident and super excited about what Nadine is bringing to the table professionally, but for now, let’s meet the person behind the job role:

-Nadine Does Yoga and Rides Horses. Unfortunately, not at the same time.

-Nadine’s Favourite Thing on the Whole Planet is Her Border Collie.

-Nadine Once “Trampled the Divots” with Wills & Harry at Cartier Polo

Why Australia?

Australia is a young and progressive nation packed with very exciting emerging companies. We already have a small customer base established in Australia, but we hope that with the introduction of our newest team member, we’ll be able to help even more growing businesses and HR professionals in Australia and New Zealand to make big impact with modern human resources technology.

Why People®?

People® hopes its modern HR software will deliver 6 key benefits to growing businesses in Australia & New Zealand:

1. Optimised For Anywhere. Australia is a big, beautiful country, inhabited by densely-populated pockets of people with lots of open space in between. This means that communication is key to success for any business with an ambition to grow. People® works seamlessly on any browser, from any device. Tackle absences, approve holidays and manage performance from anywhere with an Internet connection!

2. No Need for I.T. Support. There’s no need to hire a dedicated I.T. team just to keep your HR system running – People® runs directly from your browser, and is looked after by our own I.T. experts in the background.

3. People® Makes a Tough Job Fun. Human Resources has a bit of a bad reputation for being a boring industry for paper pushers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If there’s one thing we know about HR professionals, it’s that they are some of the most driven and ambitious people in the world! People® comes complete with exciting in-built “missions”, designed to help you improve your HR processes and have fun doing it.

4. Smart Decision Making with In-Built Advice. Our HR experts have poured decades of knowledge and experience into People®, which gives you a great platform to confidently manage your company’s HR. Alerts, reminders and tips will spring to life at key decision points, helping you make the smartest choices that deliver the biggest impact.

5. Create Powerful, Exciting Reports. Impress your colleagues and discover something new about your workforce, with powerful, pre-designed reports that tell a story using real information from your personnel database.

6. Clear, Transparent Pricing. You can get excited without worrying about what your Financial Director is going to say – People® is priced to suit every budget, and you can easily get an instant quote on our pricing page here.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Nadine to the team. Please leave your support in the comments below, and we are sure Nadine will be delighted to connect with you on LinkedIn.

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