Is HR Becoming Part of the “Planet of the Apps”?

July 19, 2016
Is HR Becoming Part of the Planet of the Apps?

I read a very interesting article today on, about where Human Resources sits in the so-called “Planet of the Apps” era we’re living and working in.

The key take-home point of the article, is that innovation in Human Resources is shifting. Dramatically. Whereas once upon a time (the 80s), innovation in HR was all about the automated HRIS (Human Resources Information System), today we are seeing a big boom in the area of HR applications. For example, the article tells us how venture capitalists are putting their eggs into baskets such as social and referral recruiting, talent analytics, online learning and mid-market HR systems.

Let’s look at a few of the ways HR technology is moving into an age of HR apps, as highlighted by the article.

HR Apps Designed for New Users

The traditional HR system was designed to be operated by a single person or team – normally the company’s HR department. In recent years, demand has shot through the roof for systems that engage all employees on every level within the business – and even potential employees who have not yet joined the business!

Modern HR systems and HR apps now allow many different users to create accounts and access the software in one way or another, for example:

– Job seekers can create accounts with the company to track the progress of their job application

– Employees can activate “Self-Service” functionality to request holidays and update contact information

– Line managers can view and approve holiday requests for members of their team

These are all ways in which HR technology is now being built for several new waves of very different users.

HR Software Designed to Engage

HR technology is no longer just about Human Resources administration – as the article on nicely puts it, HR systems are shifting from “systems of record to systems of engagement”.

This is one of the reasons why we are seeing many apps and features coming to light within HR technology companies such as 360 Feedback during performance reviews, or recognition capabilities such as People HR’s “Thanks” function.

HR Software Designed for Mobility

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the HR technology industry’s grand move into more of an app-based era, is the growing need (or desire) for mobility and flexibility. We’re all hooked up via a huge network of servers and databases known as the Internet, meaning we no longer have to sit in the same place as our colleagues to work with them – and HR software is developing a big presence on the mobile apps market.

Employees are more likely to access HR applications with their smartphones than their PCs, and we are now seeing a “tap and swipe” based approach to design, rather than “click and type”.

Are You Using a Modern HR System or are You Stuck in the Past?

How does your current HR system compare to the modern innovations hitting the market today? Are you still stuck with a traditional on-premise HR system from the 80s? Or is your provider giving you flexibility, mobility, and smarter options for the future?


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