How Charity “Challenge America” Went Digital with People® to Find Top Remote Talent

July 28, 2016
People Stories - Challenge America

We know how much of an advantage our software gives to small businesses, and there’s no better kind of small business than a charity. We’ve always been keen on making our HR software accessible to charities, and many of our clients are non-profit organisations from all over the world.

One such charity is Challenge America – a 501© (3) non-profit, which connects military members, veterans, and their families to resources in their local communities. The work done by Challenge America begins at the moment of oath, and continues through the date of separation from service and beyond.

Their organisation is only small, but it makes a big difference to the lives of many. Today, we catch up with their Director of Operations, Dallas Blaney, to find out how People® has helped them in the work they do.

Why Recruitment Used to Be a Highly Complex Process for Challenge America

Before joining People®, Challenge America was relying on an out-dated system of paper forms and filing cabinets, and a labour-intensive process for managing training.

With a growing need to employ remote employees, this out-dated way of managing human resources was presenting Challenge America with problems. Finding and recruiting high-quality employees who live in remote locations was proving very complicated and time-consuming!

“We needed a simple and consistent intake system” explains Dallas. “We chose People® because we thought it would deliver a high-quality, consistent and streamlined orientation process for all employees, particularly those who work from remote locations.”

How the People® Solution Produced Fantastic Results for Challenge America

Dallas tells us that he implemented People® as a way of effectively simplifying the intake process, while gaining the additional bonus of a way to manage employee reviews and other employee management tasks.

“Quite simply, the difference is night and day” he says. “We have done away with our paper system entirely, and digitized all HR processes.”

Dallas adds that their employees are very pleased with the system, and their favourite feature is the ability to “share kudos” with their fellow workers using People®’s Thanks functionality.

Because of the small size of Dallas’s non-profit organisation, data-driven results are difficult to assess – but the anecdotal results achieved by this incredible charity, since implementing People®, are wonderful to hear. We’re so pleased to hear how People® has helped Challenge America to improve their recruitment processes – particularly when it comes to remote workers, as we are big believers in a future of remote working.

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