5 Signs of an Unhappy Employee

August 9, 2016
5 Signs of an Unhappy Employee

Good employers are always on a quest to make sure their employees are happy. But if you don’t know quite how to know if employees are happy, this can be tricky!

Here are five incredible signs to look out for, as originally published on this infographic on visualistan.com – if you see employees exhibiting these signs or behaviours, then chances are high you have an unhappy workforce on your hands.

1. Decreased Professionalism

If your employees are showing very unprofessional attitudes, then it probably means they are not too bothered about keeping their job. Here are some examples to look for:

– Employees being disrespectful to management

– Employees not providing good customer service

If you are only noticing this in one or a very small number of employees, it could be an isolated incident, but on a larger scale, it suggests unhappiness with pay, or with the way the company is being run.

2. Calling In

If employees are calling in, then it means they would rather stay at home earning nothing than come to work. Maybe it is too expensive for them to travel to work and their job is not very profitable, or maybe they are so unhappy they’d rather fall short on the monthly budget than show up! Of course, it might also suggest that they have found something else to do…

3. Low Productivity

If output is lower than expected, this could be a sign of an unhappy workforce. Look out for signs suggesting that employees don’t care about the quality of their work, or about meeting deadlines – this could mean that they are simply waiting to be fired so they can move on.

4. No Favours

A general lack of cooperation suggests that employees may not be happy at work. No offering to do overtime, no staying an extra 10 minutes to finish up a project, and no constructive input in meetings are all signs of a lack of cooperation.

5. Regular Time Off Requests

If you’re getting a lot of time off requests, employees may secretly be using this time to look for work elsewhere.

What to Do if You Notice Any of These Signs

If you notice these signs, you may need to work on making your company a happier place to work. We’ve got plenty of articles about employee engagement on our blog, but if you have any ideas, please post them in the comments below.

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