Two Things Millennials Really Want from Their Job

August 12, 2016
Two Things Millennials Really Want from Their Job

Well, HRGrapevine has done it again, and published another piece of excellent content – this time, focusing on “the seven factors millennials care about the most at work”.

Millennials are quickly becoming the core backbone of our workforce, and as such, companies are constantly on the hunt for ways to appeal better to their wants and needs in order to hire the very best talent.

According to the study of 1,000 people reported by HRGrapevine, here are the two biggest things Millennials crave the most in their ideal careers.

Millennials Want the Ability to Make an Impact on the Organisation

Out of the 1,000 people interviewed, 28% of them (280) said that what matters to them the most, is the ability to make an impact on the business they work for. Does this mean that in order to make your millennials happy, you need to only offer them key jobs with huge strategic importance? Well, not exactly. But what you can do, is make sure that the importance of each job role is made clear, in terms of how it impacts the overall goals of your company.

Each and every role you hire for is most likely there for a reason. From the person who cleans the kitchens, to the person who enters data into your systems, each role serves a purpose. Appealing to millennials is less about creating phony job titles with important sounding names, and more about demonstrating how each role has strategic importance to the company’s success.

What Else Matters to Millennials?

In order of importance, here are the answers given regarding what matters most to millennial employees:

– Ability to make an impact on the business – 28%
– Work-life balance – 26%
– Development/ongoing feedback – 15%
– Values of the organisation – 10%
– Clear path for advancement – 9%
– Fun and friendly workplace –  9%
– Income – 3%

The Visibility of Your Mission is the Biggest Reason Millennials will Choose You Over Another Employer

Out of the 1,000 people interviewed, 38% of them (380) said that the top reason why they would choose one job over another, is the visibility and buy-in into the mission/vision of the organisation. This might leave you asking yourself: How visible is my company’s mission statement? How visible are our values?

At People®, we have always tried to make our approach to doing business clear. One of the ways we have done this is through our company’s employee handbook. It has been really helpful in helping our employees understand how we want to grow as an organisation, and we feel it has really helped them “buy in” to our company vision. What are you doing to make your mission/vision more visible to potential employees?

Other Reasons Millennials Choose One Job Over Another

Here are the top answers given, in descending order, regarding the top reason a millennial will choose one job over another:

– Visibility and buy-in to the mission/vision of the organisation – 38%
– Location/ability to stay near family – 7%
– Reputation of the company – 6%
– Location/ability to get away from family – 1%

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