How Much Exercise are Your Employees Getting?

August 18, 2016
How Much Your Employees Exercise

In a recent study we conducted, we learned some interesting facts about how much exercise workers are getting on average.

While 52% of employees do some regular exercise, only 20% do plenty of regular exercise. This leaves 28% of workers who do no regular exercise whatsoever!

– I do some regular exercise: 52%

– I do no regular exercise: 28%

– I do plenty of regular exercise: 20%

If we look at the group who answered that they do no regular exercise, we learn that two out of every seven simply do not want to, whereas the remaining five out of every seven feel as if they do not have enough time.

These results were gained from a survey filled out by 82 UK employees.


Exercise and productivity are linked. As such, it is in your best interests as an employer to ensure your employees are able to get the exercise they need.

We are currently developing a guide to help you show your employees easy ways to exercise which don’t take much time at all, and which can even be done while at the desk. In the meantime, you might find you get better results from your workforce if you try to promote more regular exercise – for example, one company recently made Pokémon GO mandatory after lunch, in a bid to get their workers fitter!

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