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August 19, 2016
Share Your HR Stories

We love Human Resources, and we love hearing the wonderful stories that come from HR departments all over the UK and beyond. Especially when they are to do with making big business impact with a new initiative or idea!

If your company’s HR department has ever done something a little different, or if you’ve been working on new ways to make impact with HR, we want to share your story on our blog. There’s no real legwork for you to do – we will happily create and edit the post based on your notes, and we’ll give you a link back to your website so that people who like your story can check you out.

Maybe you launched an HR initiative that helped your business grow? Or maybe you tried something new, which failed miserably? Either way, we want to hear exactly what you’re doing with Human Resources for your organisation – there are lessons to be learned in every story, and we think the world deserves to know.

How to Submit Your Story

To share a story that we can use on our blog, simply contact our social media manager Otilia, on You don’t need to send us much – just give us a few bullet points about what you did (or what you’re doing), along with a bit of information about the impact it has made on your organisation (good or bad). If we like your story, then our editorial team will prepare it to be shared on our blog. Remember to give us the link to your website, too, so we can add it to the blog post.

Here are a few examples of stories you might want to share:

– How you eradicated an outdated HR policy that was slowing your department down

– How you identified and solved a business issue by analysing people data

– How you dealt with a tricky people management issue that was causing negative vibes

These are only suggestions to get your ideas flowing – no story is too small or too big. Get in touch today!

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